Outcall vs Incall Escorts

A Client’s Perspective

Outcall or Incall Escorts

Outcall vs Incall | A Hobbyist’s View

There is always conversation about which type of escort service is the best in terms of out-call or in-call escorts. In all fairness, they both have their pros and cons. We reached out to a few hobbyists/punters to get a better insight to this continuous debate, one was willing to give his thoughts.

“I’ve been a hobbyist for about 12 years now. I have done a lot of travel both here in the United States and abroad. I’ve had my share of massage parlors, sensual rub downs, independent escorts and escort agencies. For the most part, I would be considered one who was strictly a incall service type of guy…until recently.

I guess I always figured that incall services would turn out being more discreet and suited to my needs, and for several years that was the case. I just wanted to have my fun, without having this women at my house or hotel, where neighbors or people might wonder about these different women visiting at strange hours of the day or night. And I didn’t want to be seen with her in public, especially in the state I resided in. I figured it was a win-win, I was at the time comfortable with meeting her at her chosen place, work place or private residency, and she could take comfort in being safe in her own environment.

So for my majority of my 12 years as a hobbyist, I could count on one hand how many times I partook in a outcall service…and I would still have some fingers to spare on that hand. Yes, all was good until my company had a five day business conference overseas in which I spotted a co-worker at a brothel {chuckles a little}I wouldn’t expect to see ANY of my co-workers. I had researched and found this place about a month before, and made a reservation. Mind you, this was a popular city, and on the internet alone there were dozen’s of choices. I mean really, what where the odds of me seeing a co-worker at the same location on the same day. The good part was he didn’t see me, the bad part was I saw him which changed my whole outlook on escort incall services.

So I tried the hotel thing, I felt more comfortable there than I did at my house at the time. The hotel thing turned out not to be so bad. I mean, sure I had to endure an extra cost {hotel fee}, but didn’t have to worry about running into a co-worker or somebody else. I knew that she could come straight to my room without any known association with myself. For the most part the ladies were very discreet in their demeanor and appearance.

Once I became more comfortable with certain escorts and agencies, I began having visits to my house. This turned out to be a good move and allowed me to have more time with certain women because I didn’t have to worry about the hotel fee as much anymore. The girl’s felt safe because of our familiarity and I felt at ease being in my house. Though I still have to be careful about the frequency of dates I have come to my home…neighbors.

I still hit the occasional parlor from time to time for a nice massage, but for the maximum relaxation and good time I prefer outcall escorts now. To each, their own.”

As Always. Be. Happy.