How To Haggle With An Escort?

Escort Etiquette Advice For Clients

Whether you are a new or seasoned client, knowing how to behave by employing proper escort etiquette can make all the difference in your experience. Simply, treat her like a lady. This is her business, yes it’s a business of pleasure but a business nonetheless. Common sense and logic can get you very far in life and with your companion, […]

Outcall Or Incall Escorts? A Client’s View

A Client’s Perspective

There is always conversation about which type of escort service is the best in terms of out-call or in-call escorts. In all fairness, they both have their pros and cons. We reached out to a few hobbyists/punters to get a better insight to this continuous debate, one was willing to give his thoughts.

“I’ve been a hobbyist for about […]

How To Date A Escort

So you want to date an escort, be sure to remember the basics when that time comes.

If you are paying by cash, please put it in an envelope in view where you escort can see it when she arrives.

It always help to be so fresh and so clean, wash your ass and be presentable, what woman likes a funky man…

Whether […]

Escort Myths & Misconceptions

Whether you believe it or not, working as an escort is as real as a job as any other related or non related industry job. The effort that one puts into it will determine whether they are successful as an adult service provider.  This type of job is not for everyone, you have to be mentally ready for all types […]

10 Rules When Dealing With An Escort

The following is some friendly advice when dealing with your female escort. Take heed so you both can have a pleasurable experience.

Time is money. That being said, time is time, you don’t get it back…ever. Do your research and make sure you know what you want before making a booking.
Don’t get too emotionally involved with your escort. Most escorts are […]

Be Your Escort’s Favorite Client

Female escorts that have or are starting to have a prosperous endeavor as an escort, tend to have several regular visits from certain clients.

Being an unselfish client is one way to get on your escort’s good side. What women doesn’t love generosity…exactly. Be yourself, unless your an asshole, then act like your not while enjoying your time with her. Sharing […]

Married Men And Escorts

Unfortunately, whether a man is happy or not in his marriage, the lust for other women, in particular escorts, exist. Many men, married or not get bored easily with their sex lives and want to venture into something new.

Most are not looking for another relationship, just someone they can spend some discreet time with here and there. The last thing […]